Marketing & Advertising for the Cannabis Industry




MJ FUSE is a full-service cannabis advertising agency, dedicated to the branding and marketing of cannabis products and services. We are well versed in the different local rules and regulations surrounding marketing of cannabis. We bring a history of over 30 years branding and advertising expertise to the new cannabis market. What does this mean to advertise for cannabis. And why advertise marijuana in the first place? Cannabis has a strong following already – Really Why Advertise? Why would Coke or McDonald’s need to advertise? Everyone drinks Coke and eats McDonald’s – or do they? Right now there are local dispensaries, rec stores and edible brands that have a sizable market share already. Will they maintain those leads?

To be clear, if you want to be successful, you need to advertise! Word of mouth is not sufficient. The difficulty comes in deciding what means to advertise and how much to spend on marketing.

No matter if you are a service provider or seller of products, you should be advertising in some way to reach out to prospective customers. Advertising serves to pull new customers in while keeping in front of your current customers. Some prospective customers may want/need your product/service but are not aware that it’s available through you. The companies that will flourish in cannabis are the ones that can brand themselves effectively and market to their audience. Whether you need 100 baseball caps printed with your logo, an outdoor billboard for your dispensary or you want to figure out how to advertise in the prohibited TV space, radio or over the internet, we have you covered. And we get great results with Social Media too.

You have a great product, wouldn’t you like everyone to have the chance to enjoy it?

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