Come Back To Earth MJ

ad-exec-mj-300Well the critiques of my journal have started. I had a friend from Dallas ask what is going on with me. “Dude you were thrown out of some meeting for being to fu**ed up on pot?” I asked what he was referring to and stated what I had posted on Facebook. He said he was going to have to unfriend me!!!! Oh no, not unfriend. I suppose I should to go back to proof what I wrote or get someone else to. It wasn’t as if I were drunk on alcohol or had taken PCP and was running down the street naked. I was overly talkative and dominating a conversation.  I acknowledge that there has been a lot of material posted that is questionable as to usual rationale and good taste. I put it out here on the internet with the express purpose to be controversial and get exposure. I do have followers on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ but none here on this blog and believed the controversial off the wall content would do that.

As our tagline on CannaTixx says “We cater to the cannabis crowd”.  Our target market now is the cannabis growers, processors, retailers and users of cannabis in the Portland, Oregon and Vancouver, Washington areas. We will eventually expand to other areas including the Dallas/Ft.Worth metroplex. Even though I was born, raised and lived the majority of my life in the DFW metroplex, it is definitely more stodgy and pedantic than Portland, Oregon.

meI was talking with a friend yesterday and told him my purpose with the blog and Cannabis Reality project is to become the celebrity MJ Mike with our cannabis related businesses and to shed any vestiges of Mikey the Ticket Scalper as seen here to the right. My intention is to be the celebrity everyone respects and admires. Do I have a concern what others think? I do not want to be perceived as a baffoon, clown or some stoned, crazed rambling lunatic. Who would want to present that image and garner that perception? Nobody, including myself except for a baffoon, clown or some stoned, crazed rambling lunatic.

As I mentioned previously I will be finished with this round of RSO in about 3 weeks.  I will be changing the format of this blog from a journal to series of articles on cannabis information and problem solutions. I had originally started a daily blog  as a record of treatment notes. That lasted less than 2 months but morphed into this.

That image presented of an intoxicated cannabis patient is sort of laughable because that is not the actual persona presented. It does seem that on the heavy concentrations of THC that I have been using for treatment, I have become less tolerant of ambivalence and lack of basic comprehension. This leads to tremendous frustration especially when acting alone. If I am going to be the front man, I need something to be in front of and not just my backside.

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