What’s With The Attitude?

attitude Someone asked me about our slogan for MJ FUSE: “We Only Work With The Best, Everyone Else Can Have The Rest.” They said that they thought it is a rather arrogant attitude to operate from. Arrogance was not what I was trying to portray as it is more to allowing someone else to say no to me. If that group, business or individual does not have an interest or desire to use our products, services, friendships or intimacies the best alternative is to move on to a group or individual that does have that interest.

When someone in the new wide open cannabis industry rejects implementing any type of promotion, my first thought is fine you’ll be flipping burgers in a couple of years or have a closed sign out front. “We don’t have to advertise, we have all the customers we’ll ever need.” That may not actually be true but it definitely is true for them right now. There is not a perceived need or want for advertising.

Do you need any promotional products? No. What sort of events do you have coming up? Nothing. Do you give any things away? No. Do you do any incentives for your employees? No. Do you see any need for improvement? No, we have everything under control.

A cold suspect can be turned into a hot lead but it is a lot more difficult than working with someone that already sees a desire for you, your products or services. Why work so hard. The old adage of there are a lot more fish in the sea is true in dating and true in business. My advice don’t date a woman who just wants to be friends and don’t try to sell a business goods or services they don’t want. The spark of interest is not there.

In sales the suspect you have is just that, a cold lead. A prospect is a cold lead that has been interviewed to find their needs and wants which match yours. For promotional product sales here are some basic questions that should be asked. What is the target market? Who is buying the bud, shatter or oil you produce? What is the size of that market and what is your penetration into the market? To advertise in cannabis with promotional products that is your first step is to identify who buys. Otherwise you are doing blind branding, which is different from advertising.

Your prospects should want you. They should see that they really need what you can provide them. You know you would be the best boyfriend, the best supplier, get them the best seats to a concert and provide the best bud, oil and shatter. You are the best and to be the best you have to have the desire to get your goods, services and even yourself to market with that attitude.

Clients, friends and partners are prospects that wanted your goods, services or time. Business and social acquaintances along with people you wanted to date but “just wanted to be friends” maybe good and fine people but they are wasting your time. “We Only Work With The Best, Everyone Else Can Have The Rest.”

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3 thoughts on “What’s With The Attitude?

  1. Janice says:

    Interesting as I get your ideas but not sure if I totally agree. I just do not understand why you would have to advertise to sell weed. Everyone wants it and way better than alcohol.

    1. admin says:

      I agree with Janice. We have more customers at our retail operations and growing. With more and more states coming on board. Advertising is not our problem. Its all the rules and taxes.

  2. Here in Portland and across the river in Vancouver there are over 300 retail operations with the area probably only needing about 50. With time, automation and relaxing of the onerous regulations people will need marketing and advertising. To say you don’t need advertising is rather naive and shortsighted. If you think you have a good product how do people find out about it? If your product is not that good maybe you shouldn’t be marketing it at all and just keep it to yourself.

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